"...Dan and Laura were professional, energetic and enthusiastic and were able to guide us through the process of a client brief, ideation, and iteration using a reference group until we had a name we were happy with. ...hey bb were flexible and responsive to meetings and gave clear advice about where they could add the most value in the process." - Mike, Uncarbonator LTD
After they got a bit stalled, hey bb worked with Uncarbonator to get their new business named.
Drawing from their existing research and material we worked through multiple iterations and possibilities until everyone was happy and a name had been settled on that resonated with all of their identified market segments.
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Dan was the lead researcher, designer, and presenter of the Refresh programme for the Christchurch Casino
This bespoke programme took the entire organisation of 250 staff through a values definition process and then through a workshop programme that focused on bringing the 'soft' skills of the theatre to the world of internal and external customer service.
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hey bb designs and produces all of the digital and 'real world' advertising for theatre and comedy producer Noosed Octopus, including their recurring regular sell-out live shows Perfuct Storm and Feminist Yarns with Kathleen Burns and the very successful podcast, Sleepy Time Mumbles.
Material is designed to match the content of the various shows, to emphasise quality and edginess, and includes both still and video content designed for maximum impact in a crowded social space.
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